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Digicel Prepaid Blackberry

1.     What is the Prepaid BlackBerry Service?

Ø Customers now have the choice to enjoy the benefits of the BlackBerry service on BlackBerry Smartphone devices with a prepaid account with Digicel.

2.     What is a Blackberry Smartphone?

Ø The Blackberry Smartphone is a device that allows for wireless access to a multitude of applications while on the go, including; business and personal e-mail, chat services and internet browsing.

3.     What are the Prepaid Blackberry Data service plans and their prices?

These are the prices for subscription in the islands of St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, Dominica, St. Kitts and Anguilla.

Ø 1 day $2.50


Ø 7 days $12.50

Ø 14 days $25.00

        Ø 30 days $50.00

This is the price for subscription in the island of Antigua.

Ø 7 days $20

Ø 14 days $55

Ø 30 days $110



Please Note: When a customer is already registered to a plan they do not have the opportunity of changing that plan.



4.     What are the benefits of the Prepaid Blackberry Service?

Ø No contract required.

Ø A deposit is not mandatory. Just like with the general prepaid service, customers have the flexibility of paying as they go.


5.     Will a Customer Care agent have to provision the handset for the service?

Ø No, Customer Care will not need to provision the account as the services should automatically be sent once the provisioning process is adhered to.

6.     How do customers register for the service?


                     Subscribing to Prepaid Blackberry Data


Before subscribing to the service the customer should ensure that they have sufficient credit on the phone.

Customer is to dial the GSM code *136# [send].

Customer is then to follow the instructions provided via SMS, which will give them the opportunity to:

-       Choose the desired plan depending on the duration of use.

-       Confirmation


After which customer should have full access to data services including:

·         Blackberry Messenger

·         Facebook

·         MSN

·         Internet Browser etc…


7.      Who will activate the Prepaid Blackberry data service for a subscriber?

 Ø This is done from the handset of the customer.

8.      Who will activate the customer’s e-mail accounts?  

Ø The customer can go to the E-mail setting option on their device to setup their own email account(s). Customer will now have access to enter e-mail options, with a maximum of 10 e-mail accounts – Just as with the postpaid BlackBerry service.

9.      Can a postpaid customer subscribe to this service?  

Ø NO, the service is only available to prepaid customers

10.    What happens when a Customer’s is NOT subscribed to the Prepaid Blackberry any longer?  

Ø When the customer is not subscribed to the service they have no access to email, messenger, browser or any applications that worked while activated with the service.

11.    Will customers get any option to renew their current plan without having to reactivate it?

Ø You may renew your plan when you receive the renewal message (A text message which comes the day before the plan expires), and up to the 30 days after the plan expires. To renew your plan, dial *136*1*<selection code>#.

Ø To renew your 7 day plan, dial *136*1*10#

Ø To renew your 14 day plan, dial *136*1*20#

Ø To renew your 30 day plan, dial *136*1*30#


12.    Will customers be able to change from their current plan to another plan?

Ø You may change from one plan to the next after the plan has expires. To change your plan, dial *136*2*<selection code>#.

Ø To change your 7 day plan, dial *136*2*10#

Ø To change your 14 day plan, dial *136*2*20#

Ø To change your 30 day plan, dial *136*2*30#


13.    What happens 30 days after the plan expires?  

Ø The customer now loses the option to renew their package and must activate a new package.


13. How does a customer deactivate the Prepaid Blackberry data service?

Ø The service automatically expires based on the duration of time purchased by the customer.